Human Resources

CESL is benefitted from having a large volume of resources at its disposal, and is committed to cater to all construction needs, acquiring excellence in construction technology and process innovation with a motivated and skilled workforce, rewarded appropriately for the invaluable contributions they make and provide a helping hand in driving the development of the country.

CESL has been handling large scale construction projects across the island with a team of highly skilled, innovative and experienced engineers who have been involved with a multitude of engineering projects. The technical staff strength of CESL is currently over 600 and this includes Civil Engineers, Mechanical Engineers, Electrical Engineers, Quantity Surveyors, Engineering Assistants, Technical Assistants, Draughtsman, Account Staff, HR & Admin Staff, IT Staff and Stores staff.

The firm also possesses valuable human capital that includes Specialists in the industry, Consultants, experienced Engineers in each sector, Architects and in-house Designers. A major strength of CESL is that it is in possession of a large number of in-house technical experts when compared to competing construction companies in the country.

Human Resources Strength



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Chartered Quantity Surveyors


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