Professional Accreditations

Construction Industry Development Authority (CIDA)

Accredited Contractor for Procurement of Projects in Major Civil Engineering Disciplines

National Contractor’s Association Sri Lanka (NCASL)

Accredited as a Major and Specialist Contractor

Sri Lanka Accreditation Board (SLAB)

Geotechnical and Laboratory Services - ISO/IEC 17025:2005 certified


CIDA Registrations

  • CESL has proven its capability by achieving higher grades from the CIDA (Construction Industry Development Authority) in the following fields;
No.Field of SpecialityGrade
1Building Construction CS-2
2Highway Construction C-1
3Bridge Construction C-3
4Water Supply and Sewerage C-3
5Irrigation and Drainage Canals CS-1
6Dredging and Reclamation C-7
7Storm Water Disposal and Land Drainage C-4
8Maritime Construction C-7
No.Field of SpecialityGrade
1EI - LV (Electrical Installation - Low Voltage) EM-1
2EI - MV (Electrical Installation - Medium Voltage) EM-1
3EET (Elevators, Escalators and Travellators) EM-1
4ELV (Extra Low Voltage Installation) EM-2
5FDPS (Fire Detection, Protection and Suppression) EM-1
6GEN (Generators) EM-1
7LPG (Liquid Petroleum Gas Systems) EM-3
8MVAC (Mechanical Ventilation and Air Conditioning) EM-1
9MG (Medical Gas Systems) EM-1
10PD (Plumbing and Drainage) EM-1
No.Field of SpecialityGrade
1LA (Landscaping) SP-1
2SP (Swimming Pools Industrial) SP-1
3Furniture, Fittings & Equipment (FF&E) SP-2
4Aluminum & Finishes (A&F) SP-1